To All Pond Lovers:
We recently hired Mike and Mary Lynn to re-design, upgrade, and repair our old, tired, and leaking 4,000 gallon Koi pond.  It was a big project which they undertook with energy and an eye to creating something not only functional but beautiful. 

We are so pleased with the results.  They properly upgraded our waterfalls and circulation systems, fixed the leaking areas, and gave the fish a safer and healthier place to live.  We now have a pond and surround that is charming to look at, and our Koi are once again in a clean, clear, and healthy environment. 

Mike, Mary Lynn, and their crew did an excellent job rearranging our many existing large and small rocks  to emphasize their beauty, and to create an exceptional hardscape design.  Mary Lynn also took much time and energy with the plantings, and with bringing in large, beautiful pots to highlight the design aesthetics. They are truly experts in their field. 

Our fish are now so happy that we can imagine them smiling at us at feeding time.  Once again we love sitting by our pond, enjoying the sound of the waterfalls, the beauty of our Koi, and the lovely space created by Mike and Mary Lynn.  You will too. 

We would be glad to tell you more if you write to us at bnewf23321@aol.com.


We had a Koi pond that was built several years ago by a company whose specialty was not building ornamental ponds.  Many problems followed.  While looking for solutions to our problems, we found M&M Ponds.  We are extremely glad we did.  The most professional company we've ever worked with.  They were full of design ideas.  We turned them loose and what resulted was a Koi pond that we will be proud of for years.  They are extremely knowledgeable on fish and what to do to maintain their health. Their design significantly reduces maintenance and aesthetically it is a joy to see.  If you are looking to have an ornamental pond built or make improvements to the one you have, you can't go wrong with M&M Ponds.


Brad and Marcie Slusher

Chesapeake VA

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